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One of the major benefits of using a price comparison website such as Tescocompare.com is that all the information you need is to hand, right there in front of you on the screen. There is no need to spend hours of your time sifting through dozens of insurance company websites or making lots of tedious telephone calls.

Tesocompare speeds up this process: so much so that you could very likely search for and purchase your car insurance policy during your tea break at work. Think of it as a double benefit: you’re saving money on your car insurance by undertaking proper research of the market; and you’re saving time in the process!

A key benefit of using a site such as Tescocompare.com is the range of quotations they provide. From the biggest names in motor insurance through to small independent providers, Tescocompare will show you a wide range of available motor insurance policies that fit your criteria. The AA (the Automobile Association), Admiral, Budget, Hastings, More Th>n, Privilege, Zurich, Swinton and indeed Tesco car insurance are just a handful of the car insurance providers whose prices can be accessed through Tescocompare.com.

Even though Tesco sells its own insurance products, they have designed the Tesco compare site in such a way as not to prioritise them. If Tesco’s own quotation happens to be the cheapest, it will say so; however, if another provider offers the best quote based on the customer’s criteria, the best quote will be listed first and Tesco’s quote will appear further down the list. Note also that ‘best’ isn’t always synonymous with ‘cheapest’. If, for example, the customer specifies courtesy car cover, and Tesco’s policy – whilst cheapest – doesn’t provide this, the quote will not appear at the top of the list of potential insurance providers.

The Tesco compare site also provides useful advice on how to obtain your insurance quote; after all it isn’t simply a case of filling out the online forms and clicking ‘Quote Now’ – you need to think about what you want your insurance policy to do for you if you ever need to use it. Do you want it to provide cover additional drivers? Should the policy provide you with a courtesy car or roadside assistance? These are questions you should ask yourself before you ask your insurance provider and Tescocompare is on hand with helpful tips and jargon busters that dispel myths and preconceptions about applying for motor insurance online.

Your car insurance can be unnecessarily inflated by answering certain questions inaccurately. For example, how many miles you expect to do during the year, what you will use your vehicle for and whether it has an immobiliser or not.

If you are using Tescocompare to generate a motor insurance quote, do take the time to explore the advice and resources provided through the site. Doing so could save you more than you think.

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