BMW car insurance


BMW is one of the pioneers of German vehicle manufacturing with the famous propeller logo becoming synonymous with car driving performance. Car insurance for BMW’s has been notoriously expensive over the years, however more recently the cost of base BMW models has come down and in turn the insurance lowered slightly. BMW cars are usually fitted with an immobilizer and an alarm this also helps to lower the insurance group.

BMW Z4 insurance – Car insurance group 19   CLICK HERE FOR A QUOTE

The BMW Z4 is the high performance older brother of the BMW Z3. For a small car we think it is better than the BMW Z3 but not as good at the Porsche Boxster which is also group 19 insurance. The soft top version is also likely to attract further insurance penalties as it is an attractive target for car thieves. On the positive side the BMW Z4 will keep its value when it is time to sell. We feel that if you shop around you will be able to find a deal, however if you are under 30 years old get ready to pay a premium for the privilege!

BMW 3 Series insurance – Car Insurance Group 11   CLICK HERE FOR A QUOTE

The 3 series is the most popular of the BMW family. The insurance group is low at group 11 for the standard 318 model, this is good value. The BMW 3 series convertible model pictured here is group 16; this is for the base model 2 litre version. Value for money is definitely the BMW 3 series, 316 and 318 models which are both group 11.

BMW 5 Series insurance – Car insurance group 15   CLICK HERE FOR A QUOTE

The BMW 5 series has been the most popular executive seller for the BMW family in recent years. This car was voted What Car executive car of the year. The new BMW 5 series is most often seen in queue’s on the M25 with their corporate passenger reading the FT. At group 15 we do think you get a lot of power for not a lot of insurance cost. Our top tip is the diesel version which could reduce your spend and give you some additional top end speed.

BMW M3 insurance – Car insurance group 20   CLICK HERE FOR A QUOTE

The M3 is perhaps the most famous of all sports saloons and continues to be a sought after car. When we began our insurance research the BMW M3 gave us perhaps the biggest shock. Our perception of the BMW M3 was the insurance group would be extremely high. Not so, the insurance group for the BMW M3 is 20! Yes that is insurance group 20, only 1 group more than the Z4. Although the new price is greater than any car in the BMW range it is probably the most desirable of all used BMW’s.

BMW insurance quote

We work very closely with a niche insurance supplier who can offer a list of comparison policies for your vehicle. This gets you a great quote quickly. CLICK HERE for a quote. Cheap insurance for your BMW faster, no obligation.


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