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Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

Sometimes called 'fully comp' although this is incorrect, there are certain exclusions so it is not 'fully comprehensive'. It covers everything same as TPFT plus Accidental Damage. Accidental damage is damage to insured's vehicle, which includes malicious damage, and Includes windscreen damage (these are subject to different excess. Most car insurance sold in the UK is comprehensive; recent reports suggest that up to 75% of all car insurance sold is comprehensive.

This would be suitable for any car over £1,000 (under this threshold tends to be TPFT cover). Cars over £5,000 must have comprehensive cover. These policies may include extra benefits such as personal accident cover, which covers the driver for certain bodily injuries (drivers are not automatically covered for injury under comprehensive policies). Other options may include 90 Day EU cover known as a green card.

Windscreen Endorsement - this means that windscreens can be repaired without it affecting a client's no claims bonus. The excess for this is typically much lower.

Driving other cars is an extension that can be found on some policies. Its aim is to allow the driver to have cover whilst driving a vehicle, which is not the insured one.

Many people have misconceptions about what cover is actually in force so it is important that customers understand what cover exists and more importantly what is excluded:

Restrictions - Cover is third party only, you must have the car owner's permission to use it, you cannot own the car being driven on the extension, and the other car must be a private vehicle. The following people do not qualify for driving the other cars extension:

Drivers under 25, certain occupations e.g.: motor mechanics, drivers of high value/power vehicles, and drivers with poor claims or convictions record. In these instances, the best cause of events for the insured is to add the temporary driver on as a named driver.


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