Car Insurance


Car Insurance

Comparing car insurance policies may not be the most thrilling activity in the world, but it is necessary if you don’t want to throw money down the drain. A site like can make the process much more straightforward, and far less of a headache.

Car insurance comes in many guises and can include a variety of benefits such as breakdown cover, courtesy car provision, no claims bonus protection and even cover against uninsured drivers so it is something of a technological godsend to find a site that compares all of these policies and helps you choose the one that is right for you. really comes into its own in this respect: not only can it help you pinpoint the most competitive car insurance policy within minutes, it can also guide you through the application process so that your policy is in place by the time you have finished at the computer.

Choosing your car insurance policy at is a straightforward task. There are no complicated menus or difficult questions to answer – just an easy-to-follow process to help you find and purchase the right insurance.

Working in conjunction with some of the biggest names in motor insurance, the Tesco compare site generates insurance quotes within seconds and allows you the opportunity to change your criteria if you have made a mistake or you change your mind mid-search.

The site also gives you valuable and useful information about how to apply for insurance if you are a new, young or female driver or if you have made any modifications to your car. The latter has become very popular, thanks to the show ‘Pimp My Ride’, but it’s important to remember that modifications to you vehicle can affect your insurance premium. If you don’t declare modifications your policy could be declared invalid when you make a claim – even if the claim isn’t related to any such modification.

How Tescocompare Car Insurance works

The Tesco compare site sifts through all of the available insurance policies – including their own. However, the results are not biased towards Tesco’s own products. The site will – if it is the case – be very clear that another provider has provided a cheaper quote than Tesco’s.

You also have the opportunity to save money on your shopping bill at home with clubcard points awarded to you if you select the insurance policy of a participating insurance company. This means that not only do you save money on your car insurance but you could also save money on your shopping bill which given the current rises in food costs over the last eight months is a considerable benefit.

Whichever car insurance policy you select through Tescocompare you can be confident that you have compared and contrasted the market thoroughly.

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Car Insurance